Luxury shave and skin products hand-crafted to nurture & invigorate your skin and your senses! 



We set our own standards here at 3K Crafting. We believe that whatever you put on your body, you should first be able to put in your body ~ beginning with 100% certified organic ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. All of our products are cruelty-free (not tested on animals), NON-GMO and most are vegetarian friendly. Ultimately, we don't introduce a product that is anything less than amazing. These are: products that work, products that sustain your body and soul, and products that help you enjoy really good living.  Our bath & body products will nurture your skin and your senses providing the luxury you deserve for bathing while the shave supplies will restore your skin with all natural shaving pucks that allow the razor to glide across your skin without the damage of the current plastics that have been used in recent decades.  


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