About 3K Crafting


Who are we?

3K Crafting is me! My name is Kasey, and I'm so glad you are here!! I hope that you enjoy looking around and shopping, and I hope that you stop and say hello by subscribing to my newsletter. 

As a business owner, 3K Crafting is also everyone around me.  It is my family who helps me to craft, to organize and to box your orders for shipping. It is the friends who are not only supportive of my store, but who are willing to try new things and be the "guinea pig" to ensure that you, the customer, will always received the best product!


Products offered

Bath & Body - The best part of being a "crafting" store is that new items are always being looked into.  My own children suffer from allergies and eczema. After years of expensive treatments and products, I began doing my own research on "holistic" methods of treating their skin while making sure they had options to keep them "pretty," while also wanting to have products for myself as a needleworker. Thus began the bath and body line of my store!  

Shave Supplies - While researching and crafting to find the best products for showering and bathing, my husband starting looking at his own skin.  Shaving was his concern as his face was having difficulty handling the razors he was using.  In that research, we found that returning to the safety razor had the best solution for his neck and my legs and underarms.  All of those nasty bumps - gone.  Our skin feels smoother, but in reality, it is simply healthier. The shave pucks are designed to help the razor to glide better, and the pre-shave and after-shave products are designed to work together to bring out your best skin.


Why choose 3K Crafting?

There are many online stores available for  bath and body, but I wanted one where people could find specialty items and to specifically request items that they need. I have learned that finding that perfect item at a reasonable price is always important.  Being able to find stores that will custom order items for me is always difficult, so I created my own store to help others. I am like you, a wife, a mother, a member of a community. I want to make sure you are happy with your products and that they reflect what is great....YOU! You are supporting a family and a dream.  Thank you!